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More effective training if we know how

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That’s why you accumulate fat in your abdomen or hips. That’s why you accumulate fat in your abdomen or hips
We still have time to get a good muscle definition even if we have not done the muscle growth phase. We still have time to get a good muscle definition even if we have not done the muscle growth phase
The importance of training to increase muscle mass The importance of training to increase muscle mass

On many occasions, we felt stuck during training and we did not know what to do to keep improving. To this we must add that many other formations are ineffective and it seems that we are wasting our time. So, in this post, we want to stop at this point and for that, we will give some clues to make the training much more efficient and make the most of the time spent on them.

In the end, training has a lot to do with ourselves, knowing our limits and our strengths. But most importantly, the most important thing is to know how to listen to our body and know how we are at all times. This is the basis of all training and it is the best when it is evolving correctly. Nevertheless, there are a number of points to consider in order to achieve perfect evolution.

Plan training courses

We will first stop in the training planning. We must do it according to the days we are forming and the goals we want to achieve. Planning exercises and routines are essential to avoid improvisation. Bringing a planned routine beforehand will help us optimize time and training. In this way, we can record the evolution of each exercise, such as loads, repetitions … A good routine should include exercises that involve all the parts of the group or muscle groups we will be working on.
Change the routine regularly

The change of routine is sometimes essential to continue to evolve in formation. As we have already said, the muscles get used to a routine and the exercises stop having the desired effect. Therefore, it is necessary to vary. In this way, what we are going to achieve will surprise the muscle with new exercises involving new fibers. Realizing this maxim is essential when an evolution is followed. The usual time for changing routines is at least once a month, even if there are people making changes every week.

Learn the technique first

The start of the house by the foundations is another fundamental point when it comes to evolve training. There is no point in training and starting with loads that are too big to not look like beginners. The use of heavier loads than our body can handle is a mistake, because it will force us to adopt dangerous positions. Following this practice, we will never be able to perfectly learn the movements, and in many cases, we will not work properly with the different muscle groups.

Attention to the load we use

It is essential to start with little weight, with which we are able to perform the full movement and the right way. What is involved is to influence the muscle fibers and make them work and gradually gain volume and strength to gradually increase the loads. We must not forget that we are not competing and that we should not prove anything to anyone. It is essential to acquire a proper habit to evolve properly.

Elongations are part of the training

If we talk about habits, one thing we must not forget if we want to evolve is to lengthen the parts of the body worked. Stretching is essential to work the muscles to relax. Workouts involve stress on the muscles and our obligation is to get them back as quickly as possible. The characters activate the blood circulation and, with it, the reception of nutrients at the muscular level. In addition, they eliminate tension and relax muscles much sooner. Always in the routine, we have to spend a few minutes stretching ourselves. They are part of the training if what we want is to move forward in evolution.


Food also has a lot to do with evolution

Diet is essential when we talk about evolution, and it is something we often forget. Giving muscles the nutrients they need is necessary, and therefore, our diet when we do sport should be rich in proteins and carbohydrates that can be plant and complex. Making 5 meals a day and avoiding starvation is essential to keep the muscles nourished. The use of natural foods, leaving aside those containing trans fats, is one of the best solutions for proper muscle development.

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