Treatment for erectile dysfunction – Causes and remedies


Treatment for erectile dysfunction Impotence, which is also known as erectile dysfunction, may be more common in men as they grow older. In addition to chemical treatments, there are several natural remedies that can treat erectile dysfunction. While it is normal for a man to have occasional difficulties in achieving a satisfactory erection for sexual intercourse, persistent problems require control and possibly treatment. Erection problems are common, but it can be difficult for men to talk with their partners and doctors. Research suggests that more than a third of men have erectile dysfunction, however, most men are embarrassed and refuse to talk about it, even if this topic has been much discussed in the media.

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Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction can be resolved temporarily through the use of pills. However, this may not be the best treatment because of its high costs and side effects.

What kind of men can be affected?

Most men have occasional days when an erection can not be achieved. For example, a man can not get an adequate erection if he already feels tired, stressed or has consumed too much alcohol. For some men, it is only temporary and the erection can sometimes occur most of the time. However, some men may experience persistent or recurrent erectile dysfunction. This condition can occur at any age, but affects men more with age.

Why it happens?

The cause of erectile dysfunction is divided into 2 reasons. Many men have symptoms of both:

– Psychological (emotional)

Causes – physical or organic causes

Not many men are aware that physical rather than psychological causes are responsible for many cases of this problem. The main physical cause usually involves blood flow. Nerves may not produce enough nitric oxide, which dilates blood vessels and stimulates blood flow to the penis. There may also be present obstructions, which do not allow enough blood flow.

Some emotional feelings can interfere with the normality of a normal sex life, including feeling nervous about sex; feeling stressed at work or at home In these cases, relaxation exercises or psychological counseling that can be practiced at home can be useful.

Strengthen your erection without drugs

There are no pills that do not have side effects. Viagra and similar medications can cause headaches, dizziness, facial flushing and runny nose. Many men experience side effects that may add more interest to treatments or natural remedies that could be the best way to treat erectile dysfunction. Nobody has to suffer from this condition and there is always a way to reduce the symptoms.

Treatment for Impotence in Man

Treatment for impotence in humans

Stop smoking: it may be better than using any medication for erectile dysfunction.

Drink moderately: a little alcohol can improve your sex life, but too much can cause erection problems.

Reduces stress: high stress can interfere with hormone levels in the body and cause difficulty in erection and low libido. The arteries contract and reduce blood flow, which can cause more problems in the bedroom.

Eat well: Eating a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, fish and legumes can reduce the likelihood of erectile dysfunction. A Mediterranean diet is linked to the improvement of sexual function in patients with erectile dysfunction.

Regular exercise: only 30 minutes of walking per day are associated with a significant decrease in symptoms. Research suggests that moderate exercise can help restore sexual function and performance.

Herbs for construction: these may be the best treatment for erectile dysfunction in many men. They are effective in relieving the symptoms of erectile dysfunction, as they help to expand blood vessels and increase blood flow.

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